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About our Beloved General Secretary: The minutes presented herein are periodically illuminating, at best.  The "General Secretary" is somewhat delusional but often inspired. Please proceed with caution.  Also note that the club secretary is enamoured with the ICTM committee and often attempts to subvert the prosaic intentions of our business meeting with Anti-Smedlatarian diatribes in print.  He also thinks he is the "General Secretary" and insists on being called GSD. He is also a left-leaning progressive pragmatist.


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Meeting Minutes 3-29-18


Chairman Stong called for “order in the room or third chair.” Confusion quelled the chaos clearing the way for Beach Boys member, Bruce McWilson’s Opening Thought gleaned from a napkin at the arboretum:


Someone is sitting, dulang dulang dulang, due to a tree being planted by a wayward squirrel, who, lacking the foresight and discipline of an accomplished Toastmaster simply forgot where the nut was interred.” Giddy Up 409.”


Grammarian Lieutenant Colonel Al Traynham presented ADUMBRATION as his WFTD.  He defined it is as presenting a mere shadow, faint image, sketchy explanation. He illustrated its use: “The classic politician stance when being interviewed is to immerse himself, the interviewer and the audience in deep adumbration; failing to answer all questions directly while dragging the proceedings down his/her path of bromides and contributor expectations/


12 members were present creating a quorum. 


Treasurer Olson’s Committee Report consisted of a stern admonition to pay dues or else.  He referenced a You Tube Video that depicted the fate of previous members who failed to pay on time.  Images included a dimly lit room, pummeling by members wielding rolled up  TM manuals and ice being poured down the neck of their garment while tied to a chair with award ribbons.


The sound of wallets opening and checks being written was palpable.


New Business Opened with a motion by James Dunn to require all members to step resolutely onto the Pathway of Progress.

Paul Ahern’s amendment requiring the chair to begin each meeting with a Pledge of Allegiance to Ralph Smedley and Toastmaster’s International was further amended by Tom Renick to require all members to display their Toastmasters pin at every meeting or be expelled from the proceedings.


The Chair arbitrarily abandoned our agenda instead of calling for a vote. OTD ensued.