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                               Learning to Follow:  Weekly Highlights


All information on this page is the swine truth.  Accusations of mendacity are sinister, pathetic and evil...Cosmo Pigglesworth


These News Highlights are written mainly for those who missed the last meeting and for those who wish to re-live the previous meeting.  Information about what happened during the business meeting can be found in the mendacious minutes by General Secretary Drewitz.  Finally, always check the schedule for assignments -which often change weekly.


DateLine- April 12th 2018:

The Open:  When we arrived at the DoubleTree, we found that we were moved from our usual "nine-mile" restaurant to the Plaza 1 meeting room.  Twelve members and 3 so-called guests (Past members, Chris Deanovic, Phil Simonson and Jim Buckman) showed up for "Introduction Night".   It was great so see our past honored members give us a decent 15 in attendance room.  Past Presidents, Chris and Phil took part in the program as evaluator and timer/counter.  Chris walked away with "Best Evaluator" while Phil took "Best TT Responder".  Guest Jim Buckman took a lovely trip down nostalgia lane.  We hope Jim returns very soon. 

The serious part of new business was to cancel our meeting next week (April 19th) so that we may attend the David Hackley Memorial Service at the Washburn-McReavy Edina Chapel located at 5000 W. 50th Street in Edina, MN.  The number there is 952-920-3996.  Although visitation begins at 4:30 next Thursday, the program will begin at 6:00.  The program will be followed with drinks and appetizers next door at the Hilltop Restaurant located at address: 5101 Arcadia Ave, Edina (952-925-5628.  note:  Sean Foley, our beloved contact at the DoubleTree Hotel was very compassionate and understanding about our cancelling next week, and offered "no charge" for our cancellation.  We should offer a few extra bucks (from our treasury) for waitress Connie at our next meeting at the DoubleTree on Thursday, April 26th to make up for her loss next week?  I smell a motion coming. 


TableTopics:  John Drewitz delivered a contemporary and comprehensive set of questions for TableTopics.  General Evaluator, Jim Dunn, awarded the "Best TableTopic Response" award to Phil Simonson.

Speaking Program: The Introduction Night program proceeded with Bruce Wenger filling in for scheduled Toastmaster David Hackley as follows:

Tom Renick led off with one of his best speeches titled, "The Next Speaker We Hear..".  Top took top honors with this one about Louie Braille. 

Velma Lashbrook introduced Rachel Maddow, "A Liberal Republican".  As she spoke, we guessed who she was introducing.

Bruce Wolfson, hooked on the Apple Ecosystem,  offered "The Apple of my Eye" as he introduced Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs).  This was Bruce's first speech after IceBreaker and was well organized and delivered.

Ken Kollasch went a bit overtime introducing the love of his life, his wife of 31 years, Karen titled "A Very Special Person".  Karen would have been very impressed.  His evaluator, Chris Deanovic, not so much.  Chris walked away with "Best Evaluator" of the evening.

Grammarian, Paul Ahern, managed to deliver his entertaining report with constant references to pop culture.       

Overall:  Introduction Night was a great success and will be followed up on May 17th with "Introduction Night Deux"

Next week:  The meeting is cancelled next week for the David Hackley Memorial service.  The Toastmaster on April 26th is Sam Charchian.

note:  See schedule. If you are unable to attend a meeting especially when you are assigned an important role, it is your duty to contact others on the schedule and make arrangements to swap or get a volunteer to fill-in for you.  Do not leave the Toastmaster or General Evaluator holding the bag.  note: Remember, you can review the previous mendacious GSD meeting minutes here.    


Club Etiquette:  Put away cell phones.....take the floor (stand) when side conversations

If you missed a meeting, be sure to check General Secretary Drewitz' "Detailed Minutes" .........and always check the ever-changing "Cosmo-Schedule" page.