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Jacqueline Holder 2014/2015 

'Tis an maxim in the schools, That flattery's the food of fools;   Yet now and then your men of wit, will condescend to take a bit.



It is tough to become the Cosmopolitan Toastmaster of the Year   


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                                      Toastmaster of the Year

Each year, a standing committee of experienced Cosmo members meet to discuss and consider a list of candidates for the annual "Toastmaster of the Year" award. This venerable award is presented to an outstanding individual who has, over the past year, demonstrated a special allegiance to Cosmopolitan Toastmasters through performance "above and beyond the call of duty". The candidates are measured on considerations including, but not limited to: dedication, attendance, volunteerism, and taking on roles and duties to further the Cosmopolitan Toastmasters experience to the benefit of all members. Candidate’s participation in various TMI speech contest roles is also considered.   In short, a candidate who has performed beyond "normal" expectations is honored. There may be years where suitable candidates are not identified and no award may be presented for that year. The "Toastmaster of the Year" committee is listed as a standing committee in the bylaws; Article VI, Sec.4.

         Past TM of the Year 2013 

When the "Toastmaster of the Year" is presented, Cosmopolitan Toastmasters refer to the award as the "Paul Bergquist -Toastmaster of the Year" Award.  Mr. Bergquist was a Charter member in 1947,  a staunch Smedlitarian in the truest and best sense, a mentor to new members, friendly, welcoming and nice to absolutely everyone, diligent, responsible, civil, courteous,  and always enthusiastic. For over 40 years, an exemplary example to all who were privileged to know him. He is the benchmark for our "Toastmaster of the Year" award.  His Photo appears on the Photo page.