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About our Beloved General Secretary: The minutes presented herein are periodically illuminating, at best.  The "General Secretary" is somewhat delusional but often inspired. Please proceed with caution.  Also note that the club secretary is enamoured with the ICTM committee and often attempts to subvert the prosaic intentions of our business meeting with Anti-Smedlatarian diatribes in print.  He also thinks he is the "General Secretary" and insists on being called GSD. He is also a left-leaning progressive pragmatist.


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Meeting Minutes 5-23-2018


President Stong sliding gradually toward the end of his Presidential rope before careening into the duck pond  attempted to open the meeting with “Members of Cosmo-land, ORDER, PLEASE, HELP….QUIET!!


Noxzema Omer’s Opening Thought from the “Book of Saccharine Clap-trap”: “Leadership is not a title alone, it is comprised of cunning, manipulation, self-promotion and socio-pathology.”


Guest Courtney Krage displayed fatigue, resentment, disgust and disdain while Pathetic Cripple Renick rattled off the depth of her servitude resulting from his supposedly accidental pratfall.


Grammarian Paul Ahern hinted at his true evaluation of the Trump Presidency while offering IMBROGLIO as his WFTD.  Defined as a confused state of affairs he illustrated its use. Donald Trump always orders his Big Mac with ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion and imbroglio.


MVP Heim was obviously nervous about reelection as he rattled off the role call with reluctance and mispronunciation. He waveringly declared a quorum hoping no one would comment on how small this number has become after his two terms as Membership VP.


Members were shocked and disappointed by Sam Charchian’s motion to suspend the rules thereby shunting the opportunity to wholeheartedly approve the accurate minutes.


Parliamentarian and election judge, David Mitchell, delivered a Gatling Gun fusillade of instructions to Past President Kollasch, who continue to smile while his eyes glazed over gradually losing his balance.


GSD’s question on proper white ballot procedure kindled a firestorm of derision from PC sensitive members who found the white designation racially insensitive; suggesting, instead, that un-tinted was less derisive and confrontative.


A flurry of hurried questions, explanations, halting nominations culminated with Paul Ahern’s nominating himself for all positions. Reason prevailed