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About our Beloved General Secretary: The minutes presented herein are periodically illuminating, at best.  The "General Secretary" is somewhat delusional but often inspired. Please proceed with caution.  Also note that the club secretary is enamoured with the ICTM committee and often attempts to subvert the prosaic intentions of our business meeting with Anti-Smedlatarian diatribes in print.  He also thinks he is the "General Secretary" and insists on being called GSD. He is also a self-described left-leaning progressive pragmatist.


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Meeting Minutes for January 31, 2019


NOTE: General Secretary for Life John Drewitz made a cameo appearance at the January 31 meeting, but quickly returned to his desert hideaway.  During his protracted absence, meeting minutes are being provided by Deputy General Secretary (Pro Tem) Sir Donald Wolesky.


Bearded President Bruce Wenger convened the January 24 meeting at 6:00 PM sharp.  He would also serve as Grammarian for the evening.


Jacqueline Holder returned to the fold and offered a profound opening thought: “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”


As Word for the Day, Grammarian Bruce Wenger offered “Imprecation,” which is an evil curse or a blasphemy.  The word was used fairly often and sometimes even correctly.


Parliamentarian David Mitchell had no prepared report but invited questions on parliamentary concerns.  John Drewitz asked him whether Unfinished Business returns automatically.  David responded negatively, I think.


In the absence of poor, overworked Membership VP Geo Heim, roll call was a visual head count revealing 12 members present and no guests.


Minutes from the January 24 meeting were read with some improvisations by General Secretary John Drewitz, who had forsaken the balmy 72 degree comfort of his desert lair to embrace the arctic cold by returning to Minnesota for a few days.  The minutes were approved out of sympathy for our prodigal snowbird.


During Committee Reports, Ed VP Velma Lashbrook reminded us that the club International Speech contest will be held on February 7, with three volunteer contestants.  On behalf of the Menu Committee, Sgt.-at-Arms Bruce Wolfson solicited feedback on the current menu options.


In the absence of unfinished business, New Business was kicked off by a motion from John Drewitz to forbid George Heim from using the term “verbal tongue lashing.”  David Mitchell moved to postpone the motion to a meeting when George was present.  Jacqueline Holder added a qualifying amendment which specified that the expression be banned in the club only.  This amendment passed, as did the main motion, I think.


In further new business, Jim Dunn audaciously moved that the club should reimburse boarding fees for his dog, Sparky, while Dunn is visiting Hawaii and Australia.  Paul Chamberlain amended the motion to provide that the club provide funds to put Sparky to sleep!  Bruce Wenger ruled Paul’s drastic amendment out of order, preserving Cosmopolitan from the wrath of the Animal Humane Society.  Orders of the Day gave Sparky a stay of execution and once again prevented a raid on our beleaguered treasury.  Toastmaster Al Traynham then took charge of the meeting and introduced the Table Topics master, Stan Brown.







        General Secretary Drewitz (GSD) reading his notes.