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About our Beloved General Secretary: The minutes presented herein are periodically illuminating, at best.  The "General Secretary" is somewhat delusional but often inspired. Please proceed with caution.  Also note that the club secretary is enamoured with the ICTM committee and often attempts to subvert the prosaic intentions of our business meeting with Anti-Smedlatarian diatribes in print.  He also thinks he is the "General Secretary" and insists on being called GSD. He is also a self-described left-leaning progressive pragmatist.


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        General Secretary Drewitz (GSD) reading his notes.



 Meeting Minutes 12.6.18


President Wenger furtively promised a POIGNANT meeting while declaring the proceedings open at 6:02.


Mr. Dunn?s OT, ?If you wish to build a ship wish real hard and submerge the skills needed to do so? from the ?Book of Wishful Thinking? by GW Bush explaining his unwarranted invasion of Iraq.


Grammarian, Donald Wolesky?s pointed and touching WFTD POIGNANT,

Defined as deeply affecting or touching, was illuminated by his image of President Gerald Ford falling down the stairs of Air Force One when he held the title of Individual #1.


MVP Heim declared a quorum with 14 members present while recognizing WELCOME and HONORED guest Janet Chamberlain who personified selfless generosity by attending our chaotic jumble with co-birthday celebrant and new husband Paul.


President Wenger continued to complicate the ?additions or corrections? postlude to the minutes by calling for an approval vote. Sam pointed out the futility of approving anything this worthless.


EDVP Lashbrook highlighted the Book Exchange special program for the 13thfollowed by an AREA, DISTRICT, REGIONAL, NEIGHBORHOOD, speech contest on April 9thfrom 5-9 PM.  Anyone willing to subject themselves to FOUR HOURS of Smedlitarian harangue will be referred to Dr. Olson for counseling upon verification of payment.


As time elapsed and the agenda collapsed, Tom Renick, adroitly called for OTD (6:15) to pull the ?Wishful Thinking Ship? back on course.


The anti-plagiarism GSD motion returned in Old Business. The motion requiring members to disclose material they present that is not their own inspired some pathetic opposition based on DEGREE, Table topics, vs. Speeches, rather than the PRINCIPAL that common courtesy and personal integrity are central to Cosmo protocol.