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Somewhat Better Speaking, Listening, Thinking and Eating



 A Plastic Replica of the Executive Committee


Ralph C. Smedley

   The Founder of Toastmasters International



    The Cosmo-motto:  Listen to the Swineherd.                        Be a good Smedlitarian follower. 


The Executive Committee for 2018/2019


Bruce Wenger

Educational Vice President 

Velma Lashbrook

 Membership Vice President

George Heim

PR Vice President 

Glenn Adams

Club Treasurer 

Spencer Olson

General Secretary 

John (GSD) Drewitz 


Bruce Wolfson

 Past President 

Dan Stong

 *Club Webmaster

Sam Charchian 

*note: The Webmaster is an Associate (non-voting)  member of the  executive committee.

                                     The Cosmo-Roster 


Phone & Email Address

Additional Information

Adams, Glenn

10248 Berkshire Road, Bloomington, MN 55437

[email protected]



Scottish, Nuclear engineer

        Ahern, Paul B. ICTM

3260 Maplewood Road

Deephaven, MN


952-474-8877 W

[email protected]

10/20/54; Dr. ICTM Council Chairman

Lawyer.  TMI Member # 295858

Movie Aficionado

Carlson, Mike



[email protected]

Lawyer with the Minnesota Bar Assoc.

Chamberlain, Paul W.

16912 Grays Bay Blvd

Wayzata, MN 55391

952-473-0803 H

952-473-8444 W

952-215-7373 C

[email protected]

Past President, Lawyer

Club Doyen.

Libertarian?25-year club

TMI Member # 295859

Charchian, Sam A. DTM

14897 Valley View Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

952-200-2069 C

[email protected]

6/30/39; Club WebMaster

Past President, 25-year club. Salesman, Trainer, Manager.

Right-wing Nut. Member #295860

Deanovic, Chris


612-916-0713 C

[email protected]

11/27/xx.  Past President.  Speech Contest Winner.

Drewitz, John S. ICTM

2600 Sylvan Road South

Minnetonka, MN 55305

952-546-9244 H

952-512-6527 W

612-242-6881 C

[email protected]

09/05/xx; General Secretary Drewitz (GSD). TMI Member #343513

Past President.

Member, ICTM Council

Dunn, James M.

5437 Wooddale Avenue

Edina, MN 55424

952-285-6858 H/W/C

952-922-1059 F

[email protected]

05/16/50; Retired Lawyer, Tango-Dancer.  Owns Sparky the Dog.

Past President. Member #863181

Heim, George

3312 West 134th Street
Burnsville,  MN  55337

952-759-9436 C

952-882-9957 H

[email protected]

IT Project Manager and TM agent. Belongs to 2 clubs.

Club President 2013/14

TMI Member #403633

Holder, Jacqueline

[email protected]

President 2012/13 & 2014/15

Literate.  Knows Shakespeare cold.

TMI Member # 1412492

Wolfson, Bruce

7013 Connelly Court

Savage, MN 55378

[email protected]


Kollasch, Kenneth

13212 Penn Ave S

Burnsville MN


[email protected]

Iowa Catholic HS, College Degree in Marketing, Salesman, Brews Beer. Volunteers a lot.

        Lashbrook, Velma


   [email protected]

Professor, Augsburg College. Leadership Masters Program

Mitchell, David W. CTM

1283 Wynridge Drive

Arden Hills, MN 55112

651-631-8013 H

651-245-7275 C

[email protected]

08/14/50; Past President

Electrical Engineer. Member #322170

Olson, Spencer

4936 Queen Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55410

612-247-2680 C

[email protected]

From Southside Chicago.  Psychologist. Si-Fi fan.  Dancer. Voyager

Omer, Naseema


[email protected]

Internet Radio Star, Business Owner & Network Marketer.

Pierce, David



[email protected]

Dr. Dave: Left CosmoLand for Cincinnati and returned.

Pigglesworth, Cosmo, DTM

4460 W. 78th St. Circle

Bloomington, MN

952-831-3131 W

952-200-2069 C

[email protected]

Beloved Club Mascot

Licensed Sex-Therapist

Says "Oink" a lot.

Qureshi, Kiran


[email protected]

612-750-3934 C

Lawyer: working at new job.  From Pakistan via Chicago to Minneapolis.

Reed, Carl A.

10208 Kiersten Place

Eden Prairie, MN 55347

952-941-4176 H

763-577-2914 W

[email protected]

Past President 2009/2010. IT Consultant, Chess aficionado

TMI Member #906967

Renick, Thomas J. ATMB

1434 Stanford Avenue

St Paul, MN 55105

651-696-9010 W

651-481-9120 H

[email protected]

01/08/59; Past President

unCivil Engineer

TMI Member #311130

Stong, Dan

612-386-8490 C

[email protected]

Fargo Boy. Account Manager at RDOIC.

Outdoorsman.  Likes to ask ?Why??

Sun, Kexia

612-412-3503 C

[email protected]

PhD Applied Materials Engineer.

Traynham, Albert R.

12201 Minnetonka Blvd.


Minnetonka, MN 55305


[email protected]

Lt. Colonel Al   Retired.

-Army Reserves.  Health & Travel Aficionado. Member #1265189

VanCampenhout, Edward




Friend of Heim (FOH).  Grew up in Green Bay. True GB Packer Fan. Whirlpool Salesman.

Wenger, Bruce

702-300-4490 C

[email protected]

Travels a lot as Fundraising Consultant. Was President of Young Republicans in College.

Wolesky, Donald C. CTM

Apt #105

2730 Dupont Avenue So.

Minneapolis, MN 55408

612-872-0159 H

[email protected]

AKA: "Sir Donald the Good"

Weather Weasel.

Past President, 25-year club

TMI Member #295865

Sigelman, Michael 


35 Kentucky Avenue So.

Golden Valley, MN55426

763-542-8450 H

[email protected]

12/17/38; Retired Stock Broker

Past Cosmo-Fashion Police

TMI Member #295864

Rizer, Margie


[email protected]

                                          Persons of Interest



Contact Info


Harold Osmundson, DTM

Division: Jeni Smith

Area: Chau Stanton

For ALL District Officers and contact information see:

District 6 Director

Division J Director

Area 95 Director

Sean Foley

DoubleTree Hotel
Banquet Manager.  Our main contact. [email protected]

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