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                   Cosmopolitan Investment Clubâ„¢ Officers 2018

 Presiding Partner (President)  George Heim                     (Past President - Al Traynham)
 Education Partner (Education V.P.)    *Open                              (Past Education V.P. - Doug Kallevig)
 Financial Partner (Treasurer) Jerry Doffing                     (Past Treasurer -David Pierce)
 Recording Partner (Secretary) Sam Charchian                   (Past Secretary - David Mitchell)             
                   The Monthly "Swine-Investors" News Highlights 

                   Cosmopolitan Investment Club Meeting Minutes, JUNE 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, Bloomington *  6:30 - 8:30p * 3rd Monday's * $20 dinner meeting

The DT Hotel dining is still closed, so we met online with the ongoing help of Lloyd Mielke who provided us with access to the Cisco Webex Meeting Application.  Later, Lloyd was also elected Club Education Partner Lloyd (CEPL). note: sounds like steeple.

Open:  Club President George Heim dropped the gavel and began the meeting at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  We ultimately had a quorum thanks to a proxy from Pat Stahl, who showed up a bit later.  There still seems to be some confusion as we get used to the Webex system.  These apps work best on a desktop or laptop. Using smartphones is more difficult.  President Heim introduced his guests, Ed VanCampenhout along with Ed's son.

Roll call:  With a quorum (over 50% ownership) were represented, so we were able to conduct business, without counting proxies.  note: David Mitchell explained that if a quorum is present, absent members have no voice whatsoever.  Proxies don't matter, unless we have less than 50% in physical presence.  Is this true? 

Special Orders:  There were none.

Meeting Minutes:  Sam read the May meeting minutes, but only the new business section.  note: We could save some time here, by everyone reading these minutes online on meeting day.

Treasurer's Report:  Jerry Doffing, as usual, read the comprehensive monthly treasurer's report:  Since Jerry sends the Treasurer?s report to all members, I have dropped repeating it here.

Please check your contributions since 1/1/20. If you have not made the required minimum contribution of $500.00 annually, consider making that at our next meeting. 

Membership:  We are currently at 18 members with room for 2 more.  Sadly, Education Partner John Drewitz  has dropped out of the club.

Current Holdings:  Jerry, performed his analysis of our current holdings, recommending buy, sell and hold ratings to each.  He later made a motion to modify our agenda to enable motions on our current holdings before thebreak followed by new business. Here's what took place:

Jerry moved to sell our 85 shares of AMD at market, then buy 200 shares with a buy-limit at $50.69.  Then sell the 200 at a sell-limit at $56.69.  If triggered, set another buy-limit at $50.69 again. When the confusion subsided, the motion passed.

Jerry moved to purchase another 100 shares of PAWZ at market ($52.87) based on Sam's wonderful presentation.  However, Sam argued we should buy the stock with a buy-limit of $50.50, which is its 4-week MA.  Not impresssed the club voted to buy at buy-limit $52.69.

Drunk with power, and playing channels, Jerry then moved to sell our UNH at sell-limit $307.69, if it rises that high, then buy back at $288.69.  Then sell it again if it rises to $307.69.  That too passed, with David Mitchell visably squrming in his seat.

Finally, Jerry moved to change our buy-limit on LULU from an insane $220.69 to $298.69 if cash is left after our trades are completed.  This also passed. 

Watch List:  What watch list?  There ain't no stinkin' watch list.  Why not?

Education Report:  There wasn't any education report. We elected Lloyd Mielke as our new Education Partner. Please support Lloyd by volunteering to give a 5-7 minute education lecture on any subject related to investing.  Just once every 2 years will do.  For example, the club could use a refresher on how "buy/sell limit-orders work and how buy/sell stop-orders work.  Lets stop assuming everyone understands all of this stuff.

Stock Presentations Outline:  Your stock presentation should contain 3 elements:  1) some basic fundamentals, 2) discuss the chart looking for standard and/or unique patterns, and finally 3) offer the story (no numbers or charts) just talk about this company, sector and/or industry.  These Covid-19 days, just #3 is enough. 

Stock Presentation:  Lloyd spoke about ZYXI and Sam spoke to PAWZ.

New Business:  The following motions were made:

Jerry moved we set the trailing stop on our first 100 shares of PAWZ to cover the second 100 shares we will buy.  That easily passed.  There was no further new business.

The Finale':  Once again, a very special THANKS to Lloyd who served as host for a virtual online meeting, and for agreeing to serve the club as Eduction Partner.  President George did a outstanding job (again) of keeping the meeting moving and forcing compliance to Sir Robert?s Rules. 

Closing:  It was  8:30;  President and Chairman George Heim dropped the gavel.

WiFi:  Choose "DT-Meeting" under wifi on your phone.  Enter password "HERO2019"...accept terms and conditions.  

                                                      -2018 Liar's Poker Highlights-  

We have lost several Liar's Poker Players, so here are some old highlights, until we admit some daring souls who would like to play.           Here's last October 2019 highlights:

We had 7 players for Liars' Poker with the inclusion of Dr. Dave and Tom Nyberg.  We missed Tim Deegan, but were fortunate to have a good group playing.  It started out with Dr. Dave determined to take the King of the Hill away from the pompous self-award bearing Norm Grant.  After several failed costly attempts, Dave backed off.  Art was his usual self, bidding conservatively sometimes, and then going forward like a madman with outrageous bids.  Norm and Jerry were somewhat subdued all evening until late, when a miracle and a misstep by Tom Nyberg enabled the normally subdued Jerry to go for the Grand Slam.  We were all shocked when he took the throne from Norm.  Bill Kalina actually was a bit more aggressive, which caused him to overstep losing a few rounds. Sam, played brilliantly and left with a few bucks ahead.  Art had a rough night...financially.  As usual, Jerry made a few "love dates" during the game, as his mind seldom roams from "chicks" and "strippers", except when he was watching the Packers game on his phone.  Winning K-of-the-H was a miracle.  See photos below.                        

Section 2 article d.- Dumb-Ass-Loser Rule:  If a slam bid is made (the bubble has none) and the total count is also zero, then the dumb-ass bidder (who went for the grand slam) is obligated to: rise, apologize, and pay out $2 to each player.  Optional: He should apologize profusely to the King and offer him a drink.

                       Click on:   Liars Poker Rules  to play properly.

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                        Cosmopolitan Swine Investment Club

What is "Swine Investing?"     Some say, "Bulls make money, and Bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered."  We say rubbish! The Comsopolitan Investment Club contains members who are Bulls and some who are Bears.  Yes, and even swine. We have Swing Traders, and "Buy & Holders". Some dabble in derivitives and Exchange Traded Funds.  We sometimes buy for Capital Appreciation and sometimes for income.  We have members who are very knowledgeable about stocks and others who know precious little.  We have members who study charts and others who pour over balance sheets, income statements and cash Flow statements.  Some are bottom-up investors, some are top-down.  Some spit on the IBD and some spit on the Value Line. We've got 'em all, except you, so feel free to visit, and check us out at our next meeting.    Oh yeah, we sometimes play "Liars Poker" following the formal meeting tooOINK!

Find Us 

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Key Links:

 Club Photos

 Letters to the Editor

Who are we?  We are "Swine Investors" who meet on the Third Monday of each month.  We are an "Open Club" to all levels of stock investors.  Note that we are a dinner club and usually invest in the market each month.  Several members of the group are also members of the Cosmopolitan Toastmasters Club.  Several members are NOT.  Use the Contacts links at the bottom of this page to ask questions and let us know if you would like to visit -just to "check us out".  We are an "open" club with a maximum of 20 members.  You are most welcome.  Oink!

"It's much more important to avoid losing money than it is to make money.  If you avoid the big loses, you make money almost by default.".......Jerry Doffing, SFTH International

"No one can outsmart the market; you treat the market like you're dancing with a gorilla.  If it wants to lead, let it"......Norm Grant

"Market research tells you what happened yesterday.  Sensitivity tells you where the world is going".....Wade Grantham

Typical Meeting Room


Where we started at the Park Plaza Hotel

"Arrogance destroys more money than stupidy" and "Broad Diversification is plainly and simply often a hedge for ignorance"...Past President, Richard P. Nyberg 


Member Responsibilies

1. Education:  Our Assistant Presiding Partner is considered our "Education Partner".  He will lead or assign discussions/debates on topics such as: Top/down vs. Bottom/up investing, Value vs. growth, buy/hold vs Active Trading, using limits and stops vs. market orders, Nihilism: awesome power of doing nothing, etc.
2. Action:  Members are encouraged to come prepared to make a recommendation for our portfolio.  You may suggest: selling one of our stocks or adding more shares or resetting a Limit Order or Stop Order, or buying a new stock or option; your responsibility  is to prepare at least one idea for our next meeting -which will probably NOT be adopted.

Links: Cosmopolitan Investment Club Partnership Agreement     Liars Poker Rules

                                       The Swine Investors

Note:   This is an actual group photo of 5 members (from left to right):      Dave, Bill, Jerry, Norm and George. We meet on the Third Monday of each month at the same pigsty; from 6:30p to about 8:30.  We are about a dozen members and have "dinner" (for $20),  Later, several members play some competitive  "Liars Poker".    More Photos.  You are most welcome to visit us.

Email Contact:    WebMaster Sam Charchian