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                               Learning to Follow:  Weekly Highlights


All information on this page is the swine truth.  Accusations of mendacity are sinister, pathetic and evil...Cosmo Pigglesworth


These News Highlights are written mainly for those who missed the last meeting and for those who wish to re-live the previous meeting.  Information about what happened during the business meeting can be found in the mendacious minutes by General Secretary Drewitz.  Finally, always check the schedule for assignments -which often change weekly.


Dateline: May 16th, 2019 -Meeting Highlights:

Open:  President Wenger opened the meeting back in the nine-mile room with just 13 members and guest, Jennifer Pike present.  Jennifer is a past Toastmaster and indicated she would like to join the group.  She agreed to an IceBreaker next week.  Welcome Jinnifer.  

Committee Reports:  Chair of the Toastmaster of the Year Award committee, Club Doyen Paul Chamberlain announced that the committee met, and voted to award the 2018/2019 TM of the Year to George Heim.  Paul presented a surprised George with a lovely plaque and some very nice words.  Be nice to George.  Notably, our past TM of the Year for about 5 years in a row, Jim Dunn congratulated George, as Jim was celebrating his 69th birthday.  

Given the fine work of ailing Past, Past President Al Traynham, President Wenger presented a list of members who agreed to run for the 2019-2020 Cosmopolitan Officers nominations.  A motion was made to suspend the rules and one nomination was taken from the floor for GSD, but he rejected.  A motion was made to submit a Blank (or White) Ballot to the chair, accepting all the names in nomination.  That passed, and the list of new Cosmopolitan Officers is shown further below.  Special thanks to current officers whose terms end on June 30th.  President Wenger is now Lame-Duck President Wenger (LDPW), and Velma Lashbrook is now President-Elect Velma Lashrook (PEVL).

Jim Dunn announced that he has set aside Thursday, June 6th for our annual "Lets Go To Jimmy's House" party.  This pot-luck event has become an annual tradition.  More information to follow from Jim.   

note: here's a link to our website phone numbers and email addresses.  Let me know if there are any inaccuracies or changes.  Club Roster Page. 

TableTopics were led by Kexia Sun, who offered challenging TableTopic questions with a mental health theme.  Kexia was most impressed by Paul Chamberlain as "Best TableTopic Responder".  


Toastmaster Jim Dunn led the three-speaker program as follows:

Jacqueline Holder led off with "Spark Joy: Part II", in a perfect 6:07. This was more information about being able to evaluate people and things based on, "Does it spark joy in you?"  Jacqueline took first place for her efforts, and Bruce Wenger took "Best Evaluator" for his.

John (XGSD) Drewitz went a bit overtime with a fact-filled examination of the crisis on our southern border and immigration in general.  Mr. Drewitz took the "Most Empathetic" ribbon.

George Heim delivered a "pocket speech" about "Do Nothing" officers and offered some suggestions, even for your beloved webmaster.  It was kinda humorous. 

It was "Evaluation Retaliation" night which led to a fruitful exchange between speakers and evaluators.  This may become an annual tradition.       

Next week:  The Toastmaster for May 23rd is Carl Reed.

note: Club Roles and Duties are explained within this website here.  

note:  These are meeting highlights.  The minutes (6:00-6:30) are here.

Here is the list of our new 2019-2020 Exec. Committee:

President:     Velma Lashbrook

Education V.P.       Glenn Adams

Membership V.P. Carl Reed

Pub. Rel. V.P. Paul Ahern

Gen. Secretary David Mitchell

Treasurer Bruce Wolfson

Sgt.-At-Arms Spencer Olson

Past President is      Bruce Wenger

Note:  See schedule. If you are unable to attend a meeting especially when you are assigned an important role, it is your duty to contact others on the schedule and make arrangements to swap or get a volunteer to fill-in for you.  Do not leave the Toastmaster or General Evaluator holding the bag.  

Note: Remember, you can review the previous mendacious GSD meeting minutes here.    


Club Etiquette:  Put away cell phones.....take the floor (stand) when side conversations

If you missed a meeting, be sure to check General Secretary Drewitz' "Detailed Minutes" .........and always check the ever-changing "Cosmo-Schedule" page.