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                               Learning to Follow:  Weekly Highlights


All information on this page is the swine truth.  Accusations of mendacity are sinister, pathetic and evil...Cosmo Pigglesworth


These News Highlights are written mainly for those who missed the last meeting and for those who wish to re-live the previous meeting.  Information about what happened during the business meeting can be found in the mendacious minutes by General Secretary Drewitz.  Finally, always check the schedule for assignments -which often change weekly.


DateLine- October 18th  2018:

We met in the "Nine Mile Grill Meeting Room".  Thirteen members and 2 guests showed up.  Joey Baron was a guest of Sam Charchian and Neil Dowdy showed up but was disappointed his friend George Heim was missing.

Committee Reports:  Education V.P., Velma Lashbrook announced 3 upcoming special programs along with a detailed handout.  We will have election night special on November 1st., a book introduction and exchange on December 6th, and a really special District 6 TM Leadership Institute event on December 8th & 9th at 2 pm at Supervalu 1184 Valley View Rod, Eden Prairie.  She had a handout to explain each event which you may request if you missed it.

New Business: GSD was absent, so the new business was mostly nonsense about banning certain expressions like "without further ado" accompanied with fines.


Toastmaster David Mitchell introduced TT Master, Bruce Wenger, who led a unique session with the responder being asked an additional question by anyone and answering it within 1 additional minute.  It got mixed reviews.  Nevertheless, the winner was announced as Jimmy James Dunn, "Best TT Responder". 

After some role switching, Jim Dunn wound up as General Evaluator as Ken Kollasch texted he was still driving back to town.  Sam Charchian became an evaluator, as Bruce Wolfson bolted from the room remembering he left his ATM card in a nearby ATM machine.  He returned later, much relieved.  Mitchell led the speaking program as follows:

Spencer Olson led off with "Freya's Unusual Wedding".  This was a "get our of your tree" fantasy story telling speech about a Nordic wedding.  Spencer was awarded "Most Entertaining" for his out-of-the-box presentation.   Evaluator Don Wolesky appreciated the successful effort by our beloved Treasurer.

Paul Ahern lamented becoming "Old and Obsolete" just like the video platforms for movies from the Beta Max & VHS to the Blue Ray & Streaming Services.  He concluded he was old (54) but Retro-Hip.  Paul was awarded "Best Speaker" for this effort.  Sam Charchian took "Best Evaluator" appreciating Paul's effort.

Having recently returned from a golf outing in Portugal with buddies, Paul Chamberlain raved about the history, geography and wonderful food of Portugal.  Evaluator, Velma offered Paul his usual accolades, but felt this trip report could have been almost anywhere.  

Next week:  The Toastmaster next week is Spencer Olson.

Reminder: Here is the list of our new Exec. Committee:

President:   Bruce Wenger

Education V.P.       Velma Lashbrook

Membership V.P. George Heim

Pub. Rel. V.P. Glenn Adams

Secretary John (GSDL) Drewitz

Treasurer Spence Olson

Sgt. At Arms Bruce Wolfson

Past President is      Dan Stong

note:  See schedule. If you are unable to attend a meeting especially when you are assigned an important role, it is your duty to contact others on the schedule and make arrangements to swap or get a volunteer to fill-in for you.  Do not leave the Toastmaster or General Evaluator holding the bag.  

note: Remember, you can review the previous mendacious GSD meeting minutes here.    


Club Etiquette:  Put away cell phones.....take the floor (stand) when side conversations

If you missed a meeting, be sure to check General Secretary Drewitz' "Detailed Minutes" .........and always check the ever-changing "Cosmo-Schedule" page.