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All information on this page is the swine truth.  Accusations of mendacity are sinister, pathetic and evil...Cosmo Pigglesworth


These News Highlights are written mainly for those who missed the last meeting and for those who wish to re-live the previous meeting.  Information about what happened during the business meeting can be found in the mendacious minutes by General Secretary Drewitz.  Finally, always check the schedule for assignments -which often change weekly.


note:  Your humble editor is taking a much deserved vacation to visit our sister club, the "I'll Drink to That!" Toastmasters club in Las Vegas.  Sam will return for our February 28th meeting.

DateLine- January 31, 2019 -Meeting Highlights:

Despite the arctic chill, 12 hearty members showed up, including our Snowbird General Secretary, John Drewitz.  President Bruce Wenger did double duty as both meeting chairman and Grammarian  Al Traynham served skillfully as Toastmaster, while Stan Brown provided a variety of Table Topics, several of which targeted the Tweeter-in-Chief.  Bruce Wenger was award the best Table Topics response. 

Reminder: several week ago, an important motion passed.  The "Best TT Response selection will be upon the TT Master of the evening.  Notable:  GSD gave his secretarial duties to the wonderfully articulate and literary Sir Donald Wolesky.  You can find his scribbling about the 6:00-6:30 business meeting on the "minutes" page.

Committee Reports: Educ. V.P. Velma reminded us that February 7th will be Club Speech Contest night.  With just two volunteers for the speech contest and one for the "tall tales" contest, we may not even have a "club speech contest".  We will just send our volunteers to the Area contest.  Our beloved Area Governor, Chau Stanton, has stated we will have our Area 95 Speech Contest on Tuesday,  March 12th. The speech contest will be accompanied with an Evaluation Contest, not a Tall Tales Contest.  We probably should have a club evaluation contest sometime soon.   It looks like the Division Contest will be held on April 9th.  Sadly, Chau has inherited a very weak Area 95.  We may be the only participants in the Area Contest....which is silly.  Chau is working on this problem.  She may even help combine two Area's. 


Toastmaster Al Traynham led an abridged speaking program with only two speakers.  One scheduled speaker, Rae Pittalwala, was detained by a car overwhelmed by the Polar Vortex.  The fourth scheduled speaker may have been experiencing Millennial Angst.

Spencer Olson led off with "Fishing Icebreaker", during which he vividly described his first Ice Fishing Trip, and explained how this northern adventure taught him to enjoy fishing.  His evaluation, Bruce Wolfson, enjoyed Spencer's vivid language and animated, note-free delivery.

Don Wolesky  followed with  his own take on a "Senior Icebreaker," inspired by the speeches given the previous week.  In "How I Got Where I Am Today," Don described leaving the womb with his twin sister, his early education, and his adult regimen of work (ugh!), Toastmasters, and enjoying the outdoors.  Don's evaluator, John Drewitz, enjoyed the speech and gave it high marks.  The club agreed, voting Don both Best Speaker and user of "Best Language." John was selected Best Evaluator by General Evaluator David Mitchell.

Next week:  The Toastmaster for February 7 is Paul Chamberlain.

Note:  These are meeting highlights.  The minutes (6:00-6:30) are here.

Reminder: Here is the list of our Exec. Committee:

President:   Bruce Wenger

Education V.P.       Velma Lashbrook

Membership V.P. George Heim

Pub. Rel. V.P. Glenn Adams

Gen. Secretary John (GSDL) Drewitz

Treasurer Spence Olson

Sgt.-At-Arms Bruce Wolfson

Deputy Gen. Sec.    Sir Donald Wolesky

Past President is      Dan Stong

note:  See schedule. If you are unable to attend a meeting especially when you are assigned an important role, it is your duty to contact others on the schedule and make arrangements to swap or get a volunteer to fill-in for you.  Do not leave the Toastmaster or General Evaluator holding the bag.  

note: Remember, you can review the previous mendacious GSD meeting minutes here.    


Club Etiquette:  Put away cell phones.....take the floor (stand) when side conversations

If you missed a meeting, be sure to check General Secretary Drewitz' "Detailed Minutes" .........and always check the ever-changing "Cosmo-Schedule" page.