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                               Learning to Follow:  Weekly Highlights


All information on this page is the swine truth.  Accusations of mendacity are sinister, pathetic and evil...Cosmo Pigglesworth


These News Highlights are written mainly for those who missed the last meeting and for those who wish to re-live the previous meeting.  Information about what happened during the business meeting can be found in the mendacious minutes by General Secretary Drewitz.  Finally, always check the schedule for assignments -which often change weekly.


**NOTE:  This Highlights page will not be updated during summer recess. 

DateLine- May31st  2018:

The Open:  We had a decent turnout for our season finale'.  It was good to see Lame-Duck President, Dan Stong, enjoying his last business meeting leadership. The motions were silly as usual; something about an annual "Joni Ernst Time-Hog Award". Incoming President-Elect, Bruce Wenger, seemed a bit apprehensive.  Jim Dunn announced he will host his annual summer barbeque gathering on June 7th at his home.  Paul Ahern announced an exciting movie night at his home on Saturday, July 14th.

TableTopics were led by Paul Ahern, and General Evaluator, Sir Donald Wolesky selected Bruce Wenger as "Best TT Responder".

Toastmaster, Ken Kollasch presided over the following program:

Cosmo Club Cripple, the temporarily disabled and hobbling Tom Renick, delivered "Curious Memories" sharing a camping adventure in his youth at memorable Sibley Lake, Wyoming.  Evaluator, Bruce Wolfson showed marked improvement in his evaluation.

Our beloved Lame-Duck Millennial President Dan Stong, continued the Cosmo tradition by offing his "State of the Union" address.  He relayed his history at CosmoLand, admitted he liked the Business Meeting portion of the meetings, and thanked everyone for teaching him a great deal. Dan took the coveted "Best Speaker" award for his effort.  Paul Chamberlain honored Dan with lavish praise for both his speech and term in office.  Paul took the "Best Evaluator" award.

We were actually quite enthralled with a IceBreaker style speech titled "My Life" by our much appreciated waitress, Connie Johnson, who amazed several of us at how well she can deliver a speech.  Quite animated, she relayed the comprehensive story of her working and singing life, with a ton of information in 7:01.  She concluded with "....its quite a life".  Connie was voted the "Most Enlightening" speaker.  Her evaluator, Bruce Wenger, admired her great delivery and found her life quite amazing.

note: all speeches (5-7 min) and evaluations (2-3 min), were within the time limits.

GSD entertained all with his grammarian report. 

The Election Reviewed:  Past President Ken Kollasch led the election with motions flying all over the place, especially Dr. ICTM who wanted to run for all offices simultaneously.  Nevertheless, nominations submitted by Ken were closed, with just one person per executive committee position, so a white (blank) ballot was submitted to elect the entire slate with just one vote...which thankfully passed.  You may proceed to the roster page of this website to see the list of new officers, and to check if the information about you is correct. 


Overall:  Although we will be meeting on only the 2nd and 4th Thursdays in June, July and August, we should nevertheless invite some: friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to visit Cosmopolitan Toastmasters...especially if you think they would enjoy it.  Do a favor for them and the club, as we move to the relaxed and informal summer recess meetings. 

note: No one will be assigned during summer meetings, so we need volunteers for the upcoming 6 summertime meetings.    We need 1 TableTopic Master and 1 or 2 (no time limit) speakers for each meeting.  Sign up soon. Paul Chamberlain is perennial Toastmaster Party Host.  You can let Paul or Sam know if you would like to participate, so we can reserve you a spot on the summer schedule.


Next week:  The Toastmaster/Host throughout the summer is Paul Chamberlain

Here is a list of our brand new Exec. Committee (term begins July 1st):

President:   Bruce Wenger

Education V.P.       Velma Lashbrook

Membership V.P. George Heim

Pub. Rel. V.P. Glenn Adams

Secretary John (GSDL) Drewitz

Treasurer Spence Olson

Sgt. At Arms Bruce Wolfson

Past President is      Dan Stong

note:  See schedule. If you are unable to attend a meeting especially when you are assigned an important role, it is your duty to contact others on the schedule and make arrangements to swap or get a volunteer to fill-in for you.  Do not leave the Toastmaster or General Evaluator holding the bag.  

note: Remember, you can review the previous mendacious GSD meeting minutes here.    


Club Etiquette:  Put away cell phones.....take the floor (stand) when side conversations

If you missed a meeting, be sure to check General Secretary Drewitz' "Detailed Minutes" .........and always check the ever-changing "Cosmo-Schedule" page.