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Cosmo 515 Minutes Feb 20, 2020

Call to Order

  • In challenging the membership in general, the chair actually called the meeting to order on time at 5:59pm.  The membership responded by ignoring the chair, and continuing the mindless banter.
    • Opening thought: Panera, a horse faced politician.
    • Guest, Doug Smith.  1st visit.  Actually planned to visit last week but the flu bug kept him away.  Their was speculation that he might of caught it from the great Automaton which was very sick two weeks ago.
    • Grammarian: P.Ahern:  WOD: Imbroglio: a muligan stew, too many cooks in the kitchen.  The rabble  of the Cosmo 515 membership made an IMBROGLIO  of last weeks meeting, just wait to you hear the secretaries minutes report.
    • Parliamentarian: J.Drewitz: Reconsider:  Can bring back a motion either passed or failed.  Making the motion you need to have voted in majority.  Requires a 2/3 of voting members to pass.
    • Roll Call.  VP of membership C.Reed Improved his reading of a list of names over last week.  He actually had a list.  He actually came closer on pronunciations.
    • Previous Minutes: Secretary D.Mitchell received accolades for correctly reporting last weeks meeting.  Noting the post-pone to a fixed time for the Salsa Dancers ban motion.
    • Treas Report.  B.Wolfson : No Report.
    • VP Educ.  G.Heim.  The Reunion Committee reports the need for the club to approve recommendations from the committee: Schedule a different room.  Serve a banquet,  Have guests speak.  etc.
      • Comm Chair: G.Heim: fails to state recommendation in the form a motion. 
      • D.Mitchell: recommends a motion to accept the committee report and adopt.
      • Parlimentarian J.Drewitz and former Parlimentarian J.Holder consider such a motion as blasphemy.  Chair V.Lashbrook, rules committee report as non-actionable.
      • Per Roberts Rules:
        • Committees are a common mechanism for groups to conduct business. The have three forms:
          • Standing Committees
          • Select Committees
          • Committee of the whole (beyond the scope of these notes).
        • Committees may conduct business in a manner consistent with Robert Rules.
          • A committee makes a motion to rise.  This means that they will endeavor to report at the next assembly meeting.
        • The Chair of the assembly normally calls for committee reports.  The chair of the committee then volunteers his/her report.
        • When the committee fails to respond, any member may make a motion to “Receive” the committees report. A motion to receive is not normally needed. The chair is able to directly call for a report from a delinquent committee.
        • The committee chair (or member) makes the report, that may end with a recommendation or resolution.  Usually stated as a motion.  The assembly Chair then calls for a vote to adopt or accept the committee report.  When passing it has the effect of adopting the committees recommendations.  Quoting from Robert’s Rules:
          • The report of a committee should generally close or be accompanied with formal resolutions covering all of its recommendations, so that the adopting of their report would have the effect to adopt all the resolutions necessary to carry out their recommendations.
        • Chair of the assembly calls for the adoption of the committee report requiring a vote to pass.  Can be stated as ‘Adopt’, ‘Accept’, or ‘Agree’.  Each of which have essentially the same meaning. The appropriate passing quantity of votes aligns with other Robert Rules vote passing rules.
      • No where in Robert rules is the business meeting mentioned with respect to committee reports.  The idea of getting a committee report and resolutions twice in a meeting is so ridiculous that the Robert Rules does not even mention it.  The motion to receive could potentially be used to do such a thing.  But it really seems anti-productive to consider committee resolutions twice in a meeting.
      • VP of ED G.Hiem’s committee report was not adopted.
    • J.Dunn: Aussie Committee: Happy to report that the heavy rains in Australia have put out the wild-fires.  No action is required by the club.

Unfinished Business:

    • Chair, V.Lashbrook brought back the motion of post-pone to fixed time:
    • G.Hiem: Motion: Ban all Salsa Dancers from the club.  
      • P.Ahern: Amend: Continue to allow current members who have partaken in this frivolous Salsa Dancing to continue as members in good standing, as long as they complete a speech of apology to the club within a reasonable time period.
      • J.Dunn: Against: First of all Tango is not Salsa dancing.  I’m a Tango dancer.  Chair rules J.Dunns comments not germaine to the amendment.
      • C.Reed: Support: Doesn’t matter if Tango or Salsa.  Members from this Tango discipline are not here, have abandoned us.  Admitting more of them is just a way to imbroglio ourselves in more disappointment.  Chair rules C.Reed out of order.  The motion is Salsa not Tango.
      • D.Wolesky: Against: The membership reduction committee has gone inactive.  We no longer have a need to reduce membership.  We are already imbroglio’d in a lack of members to fill roles.  If he/she is breathing, we can admit them.
      • P.Ahern: Amend: To exclude Sean Spicer in the ban.  Sean is known dancer but would bring character to the club, we need to admit him when he applies.
      • Motion: Close Debate:  Fails by voice vote.
        • 2nd Amend: Sean Spicer: Fails by voice vote
        • 1st Amend: Allow J.Dunn remain as member: Fails by voice vote
      • Motion Close Debate: Passes by voice vote
      • Main Motion: Ban Salsa Dancers: passes by voice vote
    • Orders of the Day: 6:31pm:  Takes us to the speaking program.  The Reunion committee report has been successfully buried by imbroglio.  The chair with parliamentarians have buried it.

Table Topics

  • Toastmaster J.Holder
  • C.Reed: TTM: Imbroglio questions
    • J.Drewitz: Black History Month
    • D.Dunn: Trump to parden a black criminal
    • G.Hiem: Why is ToastMaster relevant
    • D.Mitchell:  I Hate …  fill in the blank
    • D.Smith: Proper age for human euthanasia
    • P.Ahern: B.Sanders to eliminate Millionaires
    • J.Holder: Impossible to speak to be understood
    • V.Lashbrook: the aging keep up with fashions
    • D.Wolesky: Yoda or Darth Vader
  • Break until 7:00pm

Speaking Program

  • Toastmaster J.Holder: 7:10pm
  • General Evaluator: V.Lashbrook: Most Animated
  • D.Wolesky: Speaker: The Two State Delusion

Evaluation Program J.Holder: 7:28pm

    • J.Drewitz evaluates D.Wolesky
    • P.Ahern Grammarian
  • Awards:
    • Best TT: V.Lashbrook
    • Best Eval: J.Drewitz
    • Most Animated: D.Wolesky.
    • Best Speaker: D.Wolesky
  • Closing
    • D.Mitchell:  I must question D.Wolesky,  How can you speak for 10 to 12 minutes on the two state delusion and not mention a cat, not mention dead or alive, and not mention particle or wave.
    • D.Mitchell:  Witness that the chair with her parliamentarians has effectively buried the Reunion committee’s report.
    • G.Hiem: Closing thought: I went to the circus today.  It was intense.
    •   Adjournment: 8:15pm


  • Table is empty.  Prior motions suspended by Orders of the Day and the Postpone Indefinitely have fallen to the ground.  They missed the floor.
  • OOD: Orders of the Day
    • None
  • Committees:
    • Impeach Pathways
      • Members: P.Ahern, J.Dunn, P.Chamberlain.
    • Temperance
      • Chair unknown, unassigned, members unassigned.
      • Motion: D.Mitchell: Temperance:  The club will adopt a policy of alcohol freedom.  All intoxicants are banned from the club.
      • Amend: P.Ahern: In lieu of intoxicants from Ethyl, Supply edible Mary-Jane in the form of CBD oil.
      • T.Renick: Amend: Substitute ‘Mary-Jane’ with ‘Laughing Gas’ in the previous amendment.
    • Membership: Meetup: Chair C.Reed: Note need implementation of the ban Salsa Dancers motion passed on Feb 20, 2020.
    • Reunion Committee: G.Heim